Title V is a national operating permit program for major air pollution sources. Congress’ goals and objectives in setting up the Title V program as part of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments were to provide facilities a clearer determination of the federal air quality rules and requirements applicable to them; improve enforcement of these applicable requirements; and enhance EPA and public participation during the permit issuance process
Facilities subject to Title V must obtain a Title V permit that consolidates all of the previously issued air permits for individual pieces of equipment at a facility. The Title V permit contains a listing of applicable rules and regulations as well as the facility’s monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements under the permit.
Verdant Environmental prepared the Title V permit application and the draft Title V permit for an Antelope Valley aerospace manufacturer. The facility operates over 100 individual pieces of permitted equipment including abrasive blasting equipment and controls, paint spray booths and controls, internal combustion engines, boilers and boiler controls, fuel storage and dispensing and a jet engine test stand.
A database containing all equipment information and all facility and equipment specific applicable requirements was developed and these data were used to populate the AVAQMD Title V application forms. The draft Title V permit was prepared addressing all current and promulgated future requirements in the format specified by AVAQMD.
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