The federal PSD program applies to new and reconstructed major sources but can also apply to existing major sources if a modification results in a significant increase in a regulated pollutant.
Preparing a PSD permit application involves performing BACT analyses, calculating emission increases and decreases and preparing netting analyses when required, demonstrating compliance with ambient air quality standards and increments through modeling, and preparing visibility and other impacts analyses. Verdant Environmental has a wide variety of experience with assessing PSD applicability and with preparing all components of a PSD permit application.
Verdant Environmental personnel prepared a PSD permit application for SO2 for an Alaska petroleum refinery. The PSD permit was required because changes at the refinery that provided additional operational flexibility resulted in increased SO2 emissions of greater than 40 tons per year, the PSD significance threshold. To obtain permit approval we:
  • Prepared a BACT analysis
  • Performed an analysis of existing air quality and meteorology
  • Performed an ambient air quality modeling analysis demonstrating that the project will not exceed national ambient air quality standards or increments.
  • Prepared visibility, vegetation, and soils analyses
  • Presented the information at a public hearing held prior to permit issuance
The permit was approved, increasing operational flexibility at the refinery and providing needed relief from several onerous permit conditions.
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