Verdant Environmental has extensive health and safety regulatory experience, including requirements of California’s Occupational Safety & Health program (Cal-OSHA), federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (fed-OSHA), California’s Proposition 65, California’s Health Department and L.A. County Health Department. Verdant personnel have provided a wide range of occupational health and safety services in the manufacturing environment, most notably the aerospace industry, with its numerous uses of chemical and manufacturing processes. They include: assessing chemical exposures (including exposures to solvents, hexavalent chromium, asbestos, and other carcinogens), evaluating physical hazards (including exposure to noise, lasers, radar and non-ionizing radiation), evaluating ergonomic, indoor air quality, nanotechnology and other occupational health hazards. assessing ventilation and other engineering control measures, developing and implementing employee safety training programs, and developing comprehensive cost-effective safety programs (including those for bloodborne pathogens, regulated carcinogens, emergency response, heat stress, behavioral safety, and accident investigation).
Verdant personnel have been instrumental in assisting a major aerospace manufacturing site successfully achieve Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star certification, and helping them maintain that certification through subsequent re-certification evaluations. Verdant personnel provided recommendations and support through the entire process, helping to implement “beyond compliance” cost-effective programs satisfying each VPP program element.
Verdant staff has developed and presented both formal and informal training to customer employees covering hazard communications, hearing conservation, personal protective equipment, confined spaces, bloodborne pathogens, heat stress and regulated carcinogens.
They have been instrumental in developing Injury and Illness Prevention Programs, Hazard Communication programs including evaluating health hazards, creating hazardous material labeling and reviewing Material Safety Data Sheets. They have also assisted in developing a computerized database for storing and tracking industrial hygiene exposure records for easy retrieval and report generation; also analyzing incident/injury statistics and documenting workplace hazard assessment results.
Verdant staff has also provided support in workers’ compensation hearings and OSHA appeals, advising and assisting the customer and its legal team in gathering and organizing data needed to support the customer’s defense.
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