While a fully integrated EMIS may be the best approach to meeting long term regulatory requirements, there are specific cases for which development of a custom application may best serve the needs and resources available to a company. Verdant personnel can develop such applications using industry standard software and techniques. We work with our clients to identify their requirements and develop an approach that facilitates data entry, prevents errors and omissions, and meets the specific recordkeeping and reporting requirements of the regulation.
Verdant developed a database application used to track compliance with South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1123, Refinery Process Turnarounds. A major refinery located in the Los Angeles area is required to track the VOC concentration and pressure in vessels before they are discharged to atmosphere during turnaround. Verdant personnel developed a database application that allows refinery personnel to track all the data necessary to demonstrate compliance. The application also performs emission calculations used in assessing emission fees. The interface to the system was designed to facilitate data entry, compliance analysis, and report preparation and has been in use for over two years.
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