The Air Toxics “Hot Spots” Information and Assessment Act (AB2588) is a California program designed to collect emission data, identify facilities having localized impacts, ascertain health risks, and to notify nearby residents of significant risks. The state has developed a software package known as HARP, the Hotspots Analysis and Reporting Program that is used to both report emission data and prepare health risk assessments. Verdant personnel have the experience to complete all phases of the AB2588 program.
An aerospace manufacturing facility was required to prepare an AB2588 health risk assessment for their facility. Verdant personnel reviewed the facility’s emission inventory for completeness and accuracy and updated this information to account for process changes and the addition of new controls. We surveyed the facility, characterized sources and gathered all the information necessary for the modeling analysis. We then used HARP to prepare a refined health risk assessment according to the guidelines issued by the state. As a result of this analysis, the facility was not required to issue any public notiications.
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